Michael D Flora Logo

Posted in Graphic Design

Our design for Michael D. Flora & Associates is a visual testament to freshness, forward movement, and trust. The monogram logo, adorned with a central swirl reminiscent of ocean waves and natural shells, captures the essence of the healthcare industry expertly navigated by Michael D. Flora.

With over 40 years of experience, Michael D. Flora brings a unique blend of expertise to the table, combining his background as a therapist with an MBA. Specializing in mental health, psychiatry, and psych emergency rooms, Michael offers CEO support and independent consulting tailored to enhance operational efficiency within the healthcare industry.

Our logo’s vibrant palette – ocean blues, fresh greens, and yellows – reflects Michael’s commitment to freshness, longevity, and confidence. Stepping away from reds and dark navies, we embrace a palette that exudes vibrancy and vitality, perfectly aligning with Eyely Design’s philosophy of creating impactful and visually striking designs.

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michael d flora logo design