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The Culinary Cure website is dedicated to helping women elevate their health and energize their life. Kristen is an expert in sleep, stress and sustainable weight loss. I’ve loved watching her transform lives by offering stackable habits. Kristen, the beacon behind this transformative business, specializes in optimizing sleep, alleviating stress, and facilitating sustainable weight loss journeys. Her ingenious concept of stackable habits has witnessed lives changing for the better. An emblematic illustration of her commitment is the incorporation of a lemon icon within her logo and branding, symbolizing the simple yet profound practice of kickstarting one’s wellness journey with a glass of lemon water upon waking. This ritual not only breaks the overnight fast but also harnesses the transformative power of lemons to alkalize the body, reducing inflammation. Kristen’s prowess extends seamlessly to her email template designs, meticulously crafted on the Convertkit platform.


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