EDF Solutions Logo Design

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This final logo design is for EDF Solutions, a domestic staffing agency and consulting firm located in South Florida. The abstraction of the EDF letters aims to create the layout of a floor plan of a house (covering the “domestic” keyword), and the shape created can also be perceived as a staff member carrying a silver butler’s tray within the home (obviously indicating the “staffing” keyword).

The company also consults in this area so we didn’t want to focus too heavily on imagery so that it could also remain abstract and vague, and grow as the company grows.

In developing any logo we try to design keywords that are missing in the title of the company. In this case, “solutions” is a great keyword to indicate that they are solving the problem, and in the graphic we then try indicate what the industry is. In this case, domestic staffing agency and domestic staffing consultants.

Using color and appropriate fonts, we can further attract their target audience of high end, luxury, and contemporary-minded individuals.

You have 3 seconds to catch someone’s attention and have them formulate an opinion about your brand. If your business name doesn’t tell them what you do, show them in the logo. And conversely, if your business name says what you do, you don’t need a graphic in the logo to say it again. Use that space wisely to show people what sets you apart from competitors.

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edf solutions logo design