Social Media Share Design – December is the New January

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Kristen Coffield has gifted her followers 31 days of health and wellness tips. We were able to help visually display her message by way of these branded social media share designs.

31 Days of Simple Tips is a straight-forward way to add one new healthy tip to your routine every day, until that new routine becomes your daily habits. Kristen wants you to start January with your healthy habits in place, and get ready to make 2019 the year that changes your life!

We designed these shares to be studied and practiced by her followers, and help increase engagement. We wanted them to be a gift to her viewers, and something that was worthy when looked as as a collection.

Social Media Share design by eyely design for the culinary cure's december is the new january campaign

Here is a little preview at the text on each of the shares:

December 1 Warm lemon water every morning. Start each day with this simple rehydrating habit that helps you get hydrated before the day has even started! 
December 2 Measure your water.  If you are not measuring it, you are probably not drinking enough.  Be sure you drink at least 2 liters of water a day. I buy I large Fiji bottle and refill it.
December 3 Drink your 2 liters of water before 3pm. I can always polish-off water when I am driving, reading, or soaking in a hot bath. Find your water drinking routine and stick to it.
December 4 Boost your water. Add lemon, cucumber slices or berries to boost flavor. A pinch of salt increases absorption.
December 5 Eat your water. Fruits and vegetables are great sources of water, enzymes and fiber. Eat up!
December 6 Don’t wash down your food with water. Digestion begins in your mouth, liquids dilute the digestive process.
December 7 Drink sparkling water. Swap that glass of wine for sparkling water in a wine glass.

For daily tips for the rest of December follow The Culinary Cure on Instagram or Facebook!

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