Scottish Rite Auditorium – Music Venue Website Design

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The Scottish Rite is one of the largest auditoriums in South Jersey. It was voted one of the “150 Best Buildings and Places” by the American Institute of Architects in the 2011 AIA New Jersey Guidebook. Resting on eight acres of land, the Scottish Rite property is comprised of two separate buildings. The largest building is a five-story structure that houses the Collingswood Grand Ballroom on the lower floors and the 1,050-seat Scottish Rite Auditorium on the upper levels. Both facilities are managed by the Collingswood Foundation for the Arts, a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit.

10 years ago we were THRILLED to install and customize a website for them and put the theater on the Internet! We have now redesigned it to give it a more modern look. We also redesigned their logo, keeping it simple, clean, and timeless.

If you are looking for a date night or local activity to support the arts, consider checking out the Scottish Rite Auditorium’s upcoming events.