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We designed, developed, and continue to do maintenance work on The Culinary Cure website – a site dedicated to helping you live younger longer. Kristen Coffield owns the majority of the content on this site with other contributors in the health and wellness space. Her recipes are easy, delicious, and aim to help you increase the amount of nutritional food you eat… of course while helping you avoid the not-so-good stuff (like gluten, corn, soy, GMOs, dairy, preservatives, etc). We have also created this health email template design on Mailchimp for The Culinary Cure which supports her website and content.

Kristen believes that you can literally change your life and improve your health by using food as medicine. We support her!

Two times a month we help put together a wellness email with content curated by Kristen. The emails often include a link to one of her amazing healthy recipes, video segments from her on-air time on Good Morning Washington, a motivational quote, and a wellness tip that’s usually linked to an article she’s written.

On a personal level, Kristen and I are very like-minded. We feel that not enough people focus on the things they put on and into their bodies, from infancy to adulthood. The Culinary Cure teaches you to harness the power at the end of your fork to heal illness and live your best life. This newsletter is a non-intrusive, informational, fun email, that will hopefully motivate YOU to live a healthier lifestyle mentally and physically.

From a design standpoint we are always trying to encourage click-throughs to her website, as well as keeping the look modern, beautiful, and easy to read. You can view some of our other favorite email designs by clicking here.

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