Trolls Birthday Party Digital Invitation Design Idea

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I can’t believe Riley is going to be FOUR! I know I will look at this when she is 20 and be like, ok 4 is still a little baby, but holy moly that was a fast four years. It goes too fast! Anyway the Princess (Poppy) herself requested a Trolls theme, and since I can certainly throw a good birthday bash, I will not disappoint!

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Attached is the digital invitation design idea we came up with that uses elements from Trolls. I don’t like being completely literal with the themes (I don’t want it to look to kitsch), so I am going to use a lot of colorful paper materials and bright party products vs. character faces.

This was the first year she helped to design her invitations! Proud of my little graphic designer in the making. Happy Birthday to my first little!

Digital Invitation Design Idea for kids party

I send out all my party invitations via evite. It’s so easy and I have full design control, and it reminds people to RSVP. I also love not having to send mail or address envelopes.

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