Ruth Barzel – Jewelry Design Business Cards, Care Cards, Promo Cards

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For Ruth Barzel’s Jewelry Design Business Cards, Care Cards, and Promo Cards, Ruth chose to work with the online printer who is a ton of fun to work with – The print infinity option is pretty sweet and allows you to have a number of different but consisten cards and showcase a good portfolio. The quality is fantastic as well, and there are so many print choices, it was hard to choose what was going to work best!

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Ruth Barzel Jewelry Design is a line of jewelry made by hand in Arlington, Virginia. Ruth designs and creates all the jewelry in her little home studio using semiprecious stones, pearls, fine wire, and a variety of sterling silver and gold-filled chains. Her jewelry designs can be found in boutique shops in Arlington, Grand Rapids, Dubai, Shirlington, and also online!

For the printed graphic design materials which get sent out with every only purchase we wanted something dynamic, yet delicate, that merged well with her beautiful dainty jewelry. Ruth wants every piece to look like a gift, and we kept all of this in mind as we worked through the designs. The final deliverables included a discount code card to encourage a repeat purchase, a jewelry care and information card, and a fabulous business card, all with a slightly unique but not awkward size.