Benefits of Using a WordPress-based Website vs. A Custom Built Website

WordPress is a blogging and content management tool that is easily updated by the user once the site is put into place. Pages can easily be updated with text, pictures, and many other forms of content thanks to WordPress’ vast plug-in and template-based architecture. Through the addition of plug-ins and template modifications, WordPress can meet the design and functionality needs of almost any person or business for a fraction of the cost of building and maintaining a custom built website.

Here are some of the most user-friendly benefits of WordPress:

  • Tens of thousands of templates and themes to choose from: Want your website to look or act a certain way? There are endless WordPress themes and templates that can accommodate any website need, look, or style. Your website’s themes is the basic look and foundation of your site, upon which we customize based on how you want your website to act and look in order to match your brand. There are endless possibilities.
  • Easy to add content: Due to WordPress’ blog and content-based format, users can easily blog, update, and add content to any and all pages with just a few simple button clicks. Almost all forms of media (pictures, videos, etc.) are easily uploaded and organized to easy access and use for any part of the website.
  • Easy to transfer previous blog posts: If you have used Blogger or any older versions of WordPress, the content can easily be transferred to the new site.
  • Foolproof: Make a mistake? Something needs a revision? All posts are easily edited through the click of a button. Posts and pages can be updated and changed as you see fit. Even previous versions of posts and pages are saved, making it easy to revert changes, or go back to a previous revision.
  • Tons of plug-ins: A plug-in is an extension of a WordPress site. It allows WordPress to add specific features that the user would need to customize their website. WordPress has over 30,000 plug-ins available that can accommodate almost any website need. This can range from a simple (or complex) photo gallery, to auto-posting tweets every time the website is updated with content.
  • Multiple User Access: As the owner of the website, you have administrator access and control to all aspects of the website. But you can also add users as needed, with these users having access to only the content and areas you allow.
  • Easily Converted to Mobile or Tablet: Being able to view websites on a smartphone or tablet device is integral for mobile engagement and access. Our Standard WordPress Theme installations include mobile and tablet responsiveness. This means you only have to update you main WordPress site, and it automatically updates on your mobile devices as well! Only one website to maintain, but includes optimization for all mobile devices.
  • Stay updated: WordPress plugin and theme developers periodically release updates based on possible errors found or even just to update security measures to prevent hackers from accessing your website’s content. Custom build sites do not come with security or error-based updates, which means maintaining a custom built is an on-going, costly process for the website owner.
  • Expand your Google reach: WordPress sites are great for Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because the design and updates to the site allows for people to see your site is active and current, as Google (and all other search engines) bases their keywords and search results on the frequency of updates as well as the relevant, searchable content found inside the site.

To sum it all up:

Building a site with WordPress allows us to completely customize the look, feel, style, accessibility, and effectiveness of your website. All so it matches your business’ personality, goals, and brand. WordPress website themes include awesome features like rotating sliders, interactive blog/news feed, easy update abilities, galleries, document viewers, Etsy and Shopify integration, and more. With our expertise and creative graphic design, we make it perfectly match your brand. We also include a training video for you to continue to reference. We empower you to be able to maintain your own content…but we are also here to lend a hand if you get stuck!.

As you can see, the benefits are endless. But most important: cost effective. Getting all of this custom build, from the ground up, is an expense most businesses cannot afford. Let alone the constant updates and upkeep that comes with maintaining a custom built website. The costs add up. Thankfully, with WordPress, your website’s costs ends when we hand the final product over to you with all the content and know-how you need to run a fully-functional, up-to-date website.