Daily Life – Creative Interpretation Graphic Design

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This was a creative interpretation project done to attain my master’s degree from Savannah College of Art and Design.

Design Brief 

The goal of this project was to create a work of art that represented my typical eight hour day using typography as a basis. The assignment allotted for only three hours to brainstorm and execute my methodology to come up with a hand-done piece. Then the digital was created as an expansion of the hand-done.

Design Elements

Sometimes I feel you can only “read” about my life in a book.

A quick summary about the book titles: Good Morning, Love, my romance novel book about waking up to a kiss every morning. I’m Late, I’m Late, is my dash to work every morning. Doin’ Work, references my career. The Great Recharge, is my hour lunch every day. Tales of a Workaholic, the second half of my work day. Run, Becca, Run, my hour at the gym. Health Food, what I make for dinner every night. Savannah, references my education. Then finally ZZZZZZZZZ, which is the nightly slumber!

The books fall into place on top of one another, representing the day after day routine.

Some books are unknown to allot for unexpected events that pop up in everyday life.

It was a conscious decision to shoot this photograph on my bed because that is the beginning and end of my day, everyday.

I chose to wear an orange shirt to match the vibrancy of the books. Highly saturated and bright colors are full of life and very alive – like myself.