Check out this logo for Aida Foods! It is depicted on their website (which we were also honored to have designed).

Food is what gives us life – it gives us nutrients, energy and sustainability. Around the world, certain foods are in better supply than others. This makes the trade of foods an incredibly valuable proposition for trading partners worldwide. Many of these foods ship and transport well – however, those that are more likely to spoil can often be frozen and shipped successfully. Meat is one of these products that is in high demand that can be successfully frozen and shipped.

Aida Foods Inc is a privately held company which was established in 2016 to market and distribute poultry, beef and seafood worldwide. Aida Foods was birthed out of Aida Gostar Company which has a 10 year history of successful trade as a premier producer and exporter of frozen foods. Aida Foods will develop an ever-growing product portfolio at competitive pricing, and facilitating fast and reliable shipments. Read More

They procures chicken parts, beef parts, pork parts and a variety of seafood in the U.S. to ship to South Asia. We purchase frozen meat by-products from various U.S. companies and export them to already established customers and representatives in China and Vietnam. The eventual goal is for Aida Foods to set up its own meat processing and packaging plant in Texas.

aida foods logo