The Tithing Tree Non-Profit Logo Design

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Sometimes our logo design clients don’t have an initial idea of what they want their logo to look like. Other times, clients have very specific ideas and just need our help bringing it to life. For this non-profit logo design project, the client had a mock-up of what she wanted. We took that mockup and transformed it into a beautifully designed logo.

The Tithing Tree is a non profit company and community platform that opens the doorway to environmental giving for individuals and corporations. They hope to inspire a renewed sense of stewardship of our planet and give everyone the opportunity to take action in reversing climate change and creating a new future, one centered in inclusion and connectivity.

Here is the client’s mockup:

client's mockup of logo design

Below you can see the evolution of this logo from initial concepts to final design:

tithing tree non-profit logo design

Initial Concept vs Final Design:

initial concept vs final design


For more info about The Tithing Tree contact Carole Thompson.

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