Why Working from Home Made Breastfeeding Easier

My second daughter will be 2 in just a few weeks and has only been breastfeeding 1-2x a day for a little while now. Mostly just in the morning when she wakes up. I’ve not been producing much, but it’s been in our routine for her whole entire life, it’s certainly a hard thing to just let go (probably for both of us). Who knows if I will be lucky enough (or crazy enough) to go for a third baby… so there is always the hesitation of saying goodbye to one more part of my “mom of a newborn” phase of life! I think I am ready. I think she is ready. And I am hoping this means she will start to sleep past 6am – let me dream!

I’ve loved being able to nurse both of my kids while working from home. Especially when they were babies and nursing round the clock. Literally, I couldn’t stand up because there was always a hungry baby on me. So sitting down with the invaluable boppy when they were infants, and having them nurse while I got my design work done was such a breeze. To be honest, it was easier to work at home with newborns for this reason than it is with bored/hyper/short-attention-span toddlers.

The added health benefits for Riley’s NICU recovery and for Isla overcoming food allergies was of course the added bonus, but I do believe that breastmilk is miracle milk and helped both of my babies be in better health today than without it. I think it’s great that there are movements like World Breastfeeding Week/Month, because even mom’s who are 100% pro-breastfeeding need the support. It’s not always the dreamy snuggles that pro-breastfeeding moms suggest… it’s hard to get a good initial latch, it’s a lot of pressure on moms, toddlers that do flips while latched is annoying, teeth hurt, it’s not always easy emotionally or physically to ween, etc. All in all though, it is 200% worth it. At the end of this 2 years, I am happy to have given my kid the best possible gut health and nutritional start.

work at home mom shares tips on breastfeeding full term

Support other breastfeeding moms, especially if they are doing it in public. Buy them a bottle of water or just tell them your support the choice they are making. And for the record I have plenty of mom friends who don’t breastfeed, and that’s cool. Those mom friends do other totally dope things for their kids that I am trying to learn from, too. They also support me in my parenting choices and for that I am so thankful.