Coalition to Combat Human Trafficking in Texas – Human Trafficking Site

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The goal of this non-profit Human Trafficking site is to bring collaboration between the Gateway cities and Destination cities to BREAK THE CHAIN of human trafficking before victims are lost into the trafficking maize.

The Coalition to Combat Human Trafficking in Texas was born from a small group of thoughtful, committed residents of Texas border cities and large Texas cities gathered in a Laredo, Texas in November 2015. Their lives were forever changed after hearing stories of two of the many victims of human trafficking, and the passion to learn more and to serve victims was born in their hearts. They currently have coalition partners set up in Laredo, Eagle Pass, The Valley, and Destination Cities of Houston, San Antonio and Dallas.

A mix of emotional images, and strong actionable words, paired with bright Texan-inspired colors brought this non-profit Human Trafficking site to life. We look forward to watching the CCHT-TX team manage their own site (while we provide support as needed), and hopefully raise more awareness of this very real issue.

Click on their website photo below or visit them here for more information about this issue… whether you are in the Texas area or not, you can still help make a difference or find resources to help those in need.

cchttx non-profit Human Trafficking site

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